1. I’m late to this party, I know.

    In some ways, this challenge of dealing with illness and injury is an extension of the Life Alert service that so many older folks use. I have first-hand experience with getting a call on my cell phone when my mother has had problems. Her “mobile device” lives on a lanyard around her neck, but it makes it possible to let others know of a need for help.

    I also think of how cell phones and social networks have been so useful in cases of disasters: Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa began as someone wanting to help those in need and pain following the devastating tornado that swept through Tuscaloosa Alabama last year killing so many (more than 200 people) and leaving so many others without food or shelter. Relief efforts are managed through Facebook and Twitter — and I’m sure that most of that originates on cell phones. I say “are” because more than a year later Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa is still coordinating relief efforts and reporting on severe weather warnings…


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