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Texting for Change

Since 2008, a company called Text to Change (TTC) has been setting up SMS (mobile text messaging) campaigns for partners in Africa and South America. Their goal: to combine the increasing growth of mobile telephony with the need for better healthcare, innovative education, economic development and transparency. It’s inspiring to see the many ways they have been using SMS. Could any of these apply to your ministry?

  • Send out and receive information to educate, engage, and empower people on wellbeing related issues
  • Make life-saving knowledge easily available to the general public and especially to community and family level caregivers
  • An SMS campaign to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in Uganda
  • An SMS-based price information system for Bolivian farmers
  • A mobile based platform in Namibia to inform and engage young people on their rights on education
  • Use radio and SMS to increase awareness on deforestation in Uganda
  • Stop tuberculosis by using interactive mobile communication

Participants in their campaigns can win prizes such as airtime, mosquito nets, mobile phones, football jerseys and radios, which results in high responses. To overcome illiteracy barriers they make use of Interactive Voice Response services (IVR) as well.


  1. I am not able to participate in this conversation. Will it be available to view at a later date?

    • Yes, the broadcast will be archived for viewing at a later date. A link will be posted on, some time after Saturday. Thanks for your interest!


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