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Instructions for May 5 Event on how to run the video, and how to participate in the live chat:

Click on the white “play” arrow to view the video:
The video broadcast will not display until you click on the play button– a white arrow which will be at the center of the video area. Click on the white arrow as soon as you see it to ensure you don’t miss any of the broadcast. Once the broadcast starts it can not be rewound- it’s like a TV show that will begin promptly at 1:00 PM Eastern. Reminder: Please make sure your sound is on.

Click on the round “play” arrow to view the live chat:
From time to time we will pause the video broadcast for a few minutes of dialog via text chat. The text chat area (a dark gray or white box that says CoverItLive) will be located on the right side, on most desktop computer screens, or below the video broadcast area, on mobile devices and on smaller desktop computer screens. In these cases you must scroll down when it is time to do the text chat. If at first you see a round white play arrow, please click on it to view the chat. Mobile users: when you scroll down and then click on the text chat play arrow, it may open up in a new window on your phone. After the text chat has wrapped up, you must use the back button, or switch back to the previous window, to go back to the video broadcast, which will resume once the chat has ended.