Live Chat 3/22/2012

Archive of chat from 3/22/2012

The topics:

  1. We’ve posted information this week about the extent of hunger in the U.S. and around the world. How have you witnessed hunger in your ministry?
  2. As Vincentians in the U.S., many of the people we encounter (and very likely some of us) rely on food stamps. We challenged our followers to live on a food stamp budget for a day.
    1. Did you do it?
    2. How did you feel?
    3. Did it cause you to want to act?
  3. Read about how the Concern Worldwide organization rolled out an emergency program in Niger, to respond to an emerging food crisis. Link to article→
    1. What do you think about this project?
    2. How could you see mobile technology benefit your ministry in combating hunger?