Live Chat 4/4/2012

Archive of chat held on April 4, 2012.

Topics for tonight:

  1. Are you involved in the fight against human trafficking? If so, please tell us about what you do.
  2. How does (or could) mobile devices fit into your ministry?

For example, take a look at the two mobile apps shown below. Would you recommend these apps to your friends? What types of apps can you dream of, that would be useful to you in your ministry?

For another example, check out this page: Can you picture a similar list, customized to your local area, and formatted so that it displays well on a smart phone? Might this be useful? Would it make it easier for people to take action if this type of information and links were right at their fingertips?

Lastly, go to this link at Note their use of social media, Flash Mob, and traditional media. Have you used, or thought about using, any of these strategies in your ministry? Would you need help in doing so?